We visited one village in Bhaktpur where out of 60 plus houses 35 got destroyed. The situation is awful. I, Anuja, Adi, Ansh and sylvester had a chance to go and serve. We are working with DRCC Disaster Response of Christian Community. All our finances are going through them. The group includes our friend former National Director of CCC, former YWAM director, AG mission and many other local leaders. Now the rainy season is coming so the tarp is not sufficient. they will need at least tin roof to protect them from rain and snow. Thanks for extending your helping hand to thousands who are suffering. GOD IS GOOD AND HAS GREAT PLAN FOR NEPAL.
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4 suitcases full of medicines were taken to Nepal. Each one carried one. At the Nepal airport we had little bit of interrogation by the authorities but God is with us.
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Medicines handed over to the doctors who were just going for medical camp. They said these are the medicines and the things we are looking for. Our medicines were prescribed by WHO. Also Anuja took special efforts to pack medicines, hand sanitizers and face masks.
All those in white dress with covered head has lost someone in their family.


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We distributed 500 tarps, food grains, oil and  foam                                          mattresses etc.
Though it is very difficult to listen their stories who lost            their loved ones just in a friction of time.
           Aditya caring tarps (tents) for distribution.

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