Mt Sinai School

Mt. Sinai Christian School in Karnal, Haryana Phase #1 has opened. The 4 acre site will eventually house a 3 building campus to ultimately educate 1700 students K-12. We are excited but we need your help to complete the project!! The staff continues to interview and enroll new students.

Phase 1 The first building is open with 150 students – ¾ of them tuition paying.

We are in need of an additional $100,000 to complete this project and add a water filtration system. We also need books, computers, and science equipment.

Phases 2 and 3 The next 2 buildings will add 1,200 more students as funds become available. The current estimated cost will be $1,000,000.

Mt. Sinai Brochure

Phase 1 building of 3 phases


Josh Niemeyer